This election season is going to be a looooong one.

I generally find this time a bit of torture really. But, it's important to all of us; to our country.

This election cycle seems different. It seems like it started a year ago already. You know how the retailers keep moving Christmas further and further up into the schedule of our lives each year? Soon, you'll be able to hang your Halloween costume on your Christmas tree (or menorah,or Festivus pole... what have you) for 100% more seasonal cheer!

That's what this election feels like so far to me. Like I innocently turned down an aisle at my local Wally World and to my chagrin see that they've already put out the election decorations. The Bernie bobble heads, The Hillary nut-crackers, the Trump on a shelf... sigh.

Hang in there folks. Batten down the hatches. Whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger. You know, all that crap.