Tired of your friends' annoying political posts?

We all are.  Well, most of us... the people that actually have to suffer through someone's twisted political views and their associated ramblings are tired of them.  Those who post that crap, feed on them.
But what do you DO about it?  You can't disagree with them in their post.  Holy hell, it'll turn into an all out political crusade with lines being drawn, trenches being dug, and common sense and restraint will be in short supply and will start to be rationed or only available to those who need it the least (you).  And the worst of it is, you won't change a thing in your misguided friend's bobble head anyway.
You could ignore it, but they'll be sharing some crack-pot, blatantly incorrect infographic within the next 30 minutes anyway.  You could unfriend them... hide their posts... burn their HOUSE DOWN... SLASH THEIR TIRES... EAT THEIR LUNCH THAT'S IN THE WORK FRIDGE... PUT A CURSE ON THEIR...
Wait that last one.  Not the curse... the eating the lunch thing.  It's not dangerous.  It'll make you feel a little better.  It'll certainly make them mad.  Passive aggression.  THAT'S IT!  You could have some fun with this.  Eat their lunch.  Take the caps off their white board markers.  SEND THEM A FAKE POO!  Just think of all the little ways you could make them squirm.  All the ways you could make THEIR blood pressure rise just like yours does whenever they start spouting their political party's filthy rhetoric.
Now, passive aggression gets a bad rap in my opinion.  If someone were to call you "passive aggressive", they may mean it to be insulting.  You may even feel insulted.  And if it's overused, maybe you should feel insulted.  But this guy... or this woman... this incessant bullhorn with certain mindless political beliefs that they keep trying to shove down your throat?  They have something coming, don't they?
Let's look at an Inc. article from August 13, 2015 about why passive aggressive people are bad.  You can read the whole thing here, but let me shuck it to the cob, and then retort as to why in this case... for this moron... it's acceptable, NAY, necessary.
From the article, 9 reasons why us passive aggressive types suck (followed by why sometimes it's our only hope):
  1. "They Deliberately "Forget" to Do Things" - Because I have a moral and sometime legal obligation to not follow through on things I really want to do.
  2.  "They Say Yes When They Have No Intention of Following Through" - Sure, I'll read that article about why (Trump / Hillary / Bernie / Mother Theresa) is just like Hitler.
  3.  "They Engage in Backstabbing Behavior" - Uh yeah... that's the point.  I will eat your lunch.
  4.  "They Are Inefficient on Purpose" - If I employed efficiency in the manner I deliver an anonymous fake poo to your door or desk, it would involve dump trucks and lot's of planning.
  5.  "They Mask Their Resentment With a Smile" - It's more like showing pity, really.  In the South I would say "bless your heart" too.
  6.  "They Seek Revenge" - See #3 above.  You taint my FB wall and water cooler conversation with your drivel, I'm taking action.
  7.  "They Exhibit Learned Helplessness" - This isn't Learned Helplessness here.  I seriously have no idea how to make a counter point simple enough that you'll understand.
  8.  "They Go to Great Lengths to Avoid Confrontation" - There is no reasoning with you.  I will not change your pea-sized mind.  A confrontation will only make me think less of you.  I'm sending you poo WHILE I eat your lunch.
  9.  "They Manipulate People" - Eh, maybe... maybe not.  But hopefully receiving a fake poo knowing that it means people are flippin' tired of your political crap will make you think twice before you 'share' your next little gem.  At the very least, when you do, I'll feel better about it and be smiling... bless your heart.
What do you think?  How do you deal with the mud-slinging, negative, political climate we're all going to be stuck in for the rest of the year?