We're not kidding when we say each Political Poo is unique.

We've been working hard on the next crop of Political Poos!

These things here don't come from a mold. They're not just stamped out. Ooooooohhhh no! That wouldn't be good enough to show just how you feel about all the annoying and misguided people in your life.

We agonize, AGONIZE, over each one... the shape, size, texture, all of it! We study the examples of the BULLITICO team pooch, Piper. We study the shape. We even study what it looks like after it's been left in the neighbors yard for a few days.

We strive for a unique, quality poo. Who knows what your target's special package will look like. Maybe it'll look like one of Piper's. Maybe it'll look like a true bull poo. Maybe, just maybe, it'll look like that one your Aunt Lou carried around in a baggie to show the Doctor. Remember when your Nephew found it? Yeah... that was awesome.